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How To Win If Your Middle-Aged Man Dumps You For A Teen-Aged Woman

We’ve all heard stories about middle-aged men who dump their middle-aged, menopausal wife for a teen-aged woman. Most people attribute such behavior to a man’s so-called “midlife crisis.” And most people (other than fellow middle-aged wife-dumpers) tend to view this midlife crisis behavior as entirely inappropriate.

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Silence is Stupid!

There’s a quote that says, “Silence is Golden.” But, I disagree. I think silence is stupid!

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You've Got a Long Way to Go, Baby!

You’ve Got a Long Way to Go, Baby!

By Menopause Taylor 

Back in 1968, the phrase, “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby” became very popular. It implies progress. And, even though it was an advertising slogan for Virginia Slim cigarettes rather than anything expressly political or social, it symbolized these long, slender cigarettes that were tailored for women, with their long slender fingers and such.

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There's a Very Fine Line Between "Ed" and "Ad"

It’s so difficult to get accurate information these days! Of course, the key word is “accurate.” There’s plenty of “information.” But how in the world are you supposed to separate what’s credible and accurate from what’s not?

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Who Moved My Estrogen?

Have you ever heard of a book written by Spencer Johnson, M.D. entitled Who Moved My Cheese? It’s a tiny little book of about 97 pages, easy to read, and unforgettable. It’s not really about cheese, though. It’s about change, and the cheese is a metaphor for something that disappears, forcing those who are affected by the change to adapt.

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The Male Perspective of Female Menopause

I think it’s beneficial to “get out of our own heads” once in a while and see the world through different eyes. So let’s shift our perspective to look at menopause through the eyes of a man.

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Puberty in Reverse

Puberty! Wasn’t it just wonderful? There were so many changes occurring all at the same time. Remember your first period? Did you think, “Oh God! Am I going to have to put up with this mess for the rest of my life?” Wasn’t it inconvenient to have to have pads or tampons on hand all the time? And didn’t your periods interfere with your fun at times?

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Non-truth, Half-truth, And Everything But the Truth

You know how you have to swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth ... so help you God, in a court of law? Well, I don’t think that should be confined to just the courts. I think it should be a requirement for a lot of things, including public announcements about research findings.

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Menopause Management Isn’t Political

Have you noticed that things that aren’t political sometimes seem political? You know, when people feel they have to take a side, label themselves this or that, and confine their opinions and choices to what’s consistent for their side?

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Male Menopause

Women (and men) sometimes ask me if there’s a male menopause. The answer is, “Yes.” But it goes by a different name. And it manifests in completely different ways than does female menopause.

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Here Today, Here Tomorrow ... and for the Rest of Your Life

Here today, gone tomorrow. It’s an expression that applies to many things. Fashion trends are definitely here today and gone tomorrow. So are fads, like big hair, piercing, and favorite songs. Even figures of speech come and go. When was the last time you heard someone say, “Groovy!” What about, “Well, I never!” (I always picture an older, refined woman saying that one.)

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Upside Down Misconceptions About Menopause

One of the most striking things I’ve learned about menopause is that the vast majority of women have numerous misconceptions about it. And the misconceptions are sooooooo prevalent that women pass them from one to the other.

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Either / Or, But Not Both

Don’t you hate it when you can’t have it all? Why do we have to choose one thing or the other. And why is it that, no matter what we choose, we forfeit something else. Why does it always have to be either / or? Why can’t it be both?

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Are We Stuck or Are We Going Backward?

Have you ever given any thought to the history of menopause? I mean, how long have women been experiencing menopause? Is it a new thing? And, if it isn’t a new thing, why are people so unfamiliar with it?

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How to Tell Your Kids About Menopause

Parents often find talking to their kids about puberty a bit awkward or difficult. Likewise, talking to them about menopause can be even more off-putting. But, face it: Most parents want to “have a little talk” before the onset of puberty so that their child knows what’s happening when puberty begins. And wouldn’t it be nice if your kids knew what was happening to you when menopause began?

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How to Apply for a Job After Menopause

The fact is that the workplace is inhospitable to menopause. When you think about it, it’s really atrocious. I mean, here we have a situation in which female baby boomers are more numerous than any other age group. They constitute a generation that is the hardest working the world has seen.

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Menopause As A Hormone Deficiency State

I’ve discovered that I’m not normal.  And, as an abnormal person, I don’t always accept things as they normally are. I contemplate lots of things ... things that most other people just accept. But I question everything, especially things that don’t make sense to me.

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Don't Buck Your Billion Beat Bonus

Have you ever thought about exactly what determines the normal lifespan of an animal? Not on an individual basis, but as a species? I mean, why do dogs of a certain species have a predictable lifespan? And why do rodents live for only a couple of years while elephants and whales live for about 80 years?

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