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Silence is Stupid!

There’s a quote that says, “Silence is Golden.” But, I disagree. I think silence is stupid!

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Are You Losing Your Memory, or Losing Your Mind?

As you approach or progress through your menopausal transition, are you noticing that your mind just isn’t as sharp as it used to be? Do you find yourself fishing for words? You know, that “tip-of-the-tongue” phenomenon when you know you know the word, but, for some odd reason you just can’t spit it out at the moment you need it. Do you substitute “what’s his name,” or “whatchamacallit” for the missing word a lot? Or maybe your go-to substitute word is “jiggamabob.”

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Technological Gadgets Are Brain Hatchets

We humans are such odd creatures! We all want to avoid Alzheimer’s Disease; yet we live our lives doing everything in ways that cause Alzheimer’s Disease.   This is mostly due to the fact that your brain has a default mode of “lazy.” That’s right. Your brain will always seek the easiest possible way to do every task so that it doesn’t have to do any work. And, if that sounds logical to you, it’s a perfect example of your own brain’s default mode of “lazy.”

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The Window of Opportunity

Do you remember back when you were in high school and your parents told you that the choices you made then would affect you forever? You might have seen no reason to make good grades or just say “No” to drugs, or observe the speed limit.

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Upside Down Misconceptions About Menopause

One of the most striking things I’ve learned about menopause is that the vast majority of women have numerous misconceptions about it. And the misconceptions are sooooooo prevalent that women pass them from one to the other.

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Menopause As A Hormone Deficiency State

I’ve discovered that I’m not normal.  And, as an abnormal person, I don’t always accept things as they normally are. I contemplate lots of things ... things that most other people just accept. But I question everything, especially things that don’t make sense to me.

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