Anyone is welcome to schedule a consultation with me.

I'll happily consult with you on all matters, even if they're not related to menopause!

One-on-One Consultations

Regardless of your situation or level of menopause education, you are welcome to schedule a consultation with me.

A consultation serves the purpose of tailoring all the facts specifically to you and determining the best options for managing your menopause your way.

I’ll be your educator, advocate, and guide for your entire menopause journey.

"I do not prescribe, as I am retired from the active practice of gynecology.
During consultations, I simply provide information, explanations,
and an understanding of the options available to you."

Consultations include the submission of your concerns in advance.

This enables me to create a document specifically for you.

And I will send you the document 72 hours before your consultation.

You’ll be able to schedule future consultations as needed thereafter.


Be aware, before you pay, that you must submit your questionnaire within 5 days (120 hours) from now.

If you've scheduled an urgent consultation, you must submit your questionnaire within 2 days (48 hours) from now

If you cannot submit your questionnaire within the designated timeframe, do NOT proceed until you can.

The very reason I give you a deadline is to prevent precisely this predicament. You may not add to or revise the questionnaire after submission. I cannot create a document if the source of information keeps changing or growing

It is not possible to submit information after submission of the questionnaire

I will only address what you included in your questionnaire. We can save everything else for a later consultation

If you do not submit your questionnaire within the designated timeframe, your appointment will cancel automatically

You will not receive a refund, & you will still incur a cancellation fee of $100

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First-Time Client

Established Client

If you have already filled in the 17-page questionnaire once, go directly to the last page & explain your situation for your follow-up consultation in the very last box of the questionnaire. Upload all documents there, too.

Do not provide any information in any other part of the questionnaire.

Rescheduling Client

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