One-on-One Consultation

I'll be delighted to have a one-on-one consultation with you . . . in person or on Skype.
This is ideal if you have already received the education available from
my YouTube videos, my book, or my seminar.
One-on-one consultation serves the purpose of addressing everything you've learned
to determine your best options for managing your menopause your way.

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Beyond the Basics

These sessions are not designed to teach you the material available in
my YouTube videos, my book, or my seminars.
That would be impossible.

The goal is progress well beyond that education to ensure
that you've taken all the variables into account to make your menopause ideal.

It's all about tailoring everything to YOU!

After the first session, feel free to periodically have sessions of shorter duration with me
to re-adjust your menopause management over time.

Consulting Fee

The consulting fee is $200 per hour.

Even though these sessions are designed for you once you've already received your menopause education,
there's a high likelihood that much of the first session will entail reviewing various principles
as they pertain to your management needs.

There are multiple factors to balance against one another, and that takes time.
Having counseled many women in the past, I can tell you that at least one hour is essential
to ensure that I give you the attention you deserve.

If you're eager for someone to just "tell you what to do," a one-on-one consultation is the way to go
(as long as you've gotten the education first).

Please schedule your session here. Payment is due at the time of scheduling.

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The cancellation protocol is as follows:

Cancellation 48 or more hours before the session is fully refundable.  
Cancellation less than 48 hours before the session is non-refundable ...
unless you re-schedule at the time you cancel.
In that case, I'll waive the cancellation fee.   
It is not my intention to penalize you for having to cancel an appointment.
My goal is to be at your service.
If you're having problems scheduling, please contact me, and let me see how I might help you.

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