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Barbara Taylor, M.D. (also known as Menopause Barbie)
has developed a full array of menopause services
to help you with every aspect of menopause.

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One-On-One Consultations

I am happy to have a one-on-one consulting session with you. This is ideal if you have already received the education available from my YouTube videos, my book, or my seminar.

One-on-one consultation serves the purpose of addressing everything you’ve learned to determine your best options for managing your menopause your way

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Live Two-Day Seminars

This is a seminar for every woman!

Together, you'll learn the facts, dispel the misconceptions, and discover why you're unique.

You'll feel like a goddess as you embrace menopause your way.

It's so fun, informative, and impactful that you'll never forget it.

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