Menopause Taylor’s Radio Show

The State of Menopause in the World Today


Have you noticed how nobody talks about menopause?
It’s as if it’s a taboo topic.
Well, I’m changing that!
I have a radio show entitled, The State of Menopause in the World Today.
It’s on the S.O.B. (Spunky Old Broad) Network.
And all we talk about is menopause and everything that pertains to menopause.
I interview all sorts of people:

menopause professionals,
menopausal women,
non-menopausal women,
or anyone else who has something to say or ask about menopause.
Face it: There’s not a single individual on earth who doesn’t have a menopausal woman in his or her life.
Menopause affects us all, so let’s talk about it!


Listen to the Radio Show


If you’d like to be a guest on my radio show and talk about ANYTHING pertaining to menopause,
submit a request here.
The interview itself is merely a fun conversation that’s pre-recorded
(preferably on Skype, using sound only).
I’ve included the form that you’ll fill out in preparation for the interview so that you can see what this entails.
And don’t worry about all the details; you can even do this anonymously or change your name.
What matters is that we talk about menopause.
You don’t have to divulge any of your personal or employment details.
So, sign up and start talking!

Preparation for Radio Interview with Menopause Taylor

Thank you for participating in Menopause Taylor’s radio show on The State of Menopause Today. Your words and sentiments will help people everywhere to embrace this important part of every woman’s life, as well as every person who comes into contact with them. It will help menopausal women everywhere manage their menopause their way. Plus, it will be just plain fun!

This is a step-by-step guide to give you all the information you need about the show and your interview, and to give me all the information I need for the show and your interview.

Step 1: Two (or more) weeks before the recording date - Advance Preparation for the Interview

Please provide all the information below one week before our recording date at the very latest. The sooner I have it, the better. Your recording will take place on the third Monday of the month prior to the month the show airs.

Step 2: The day of your interview - Preparation for our Discussion on the Day of the Interview

The radio station will send you a Skype invitation before the interview. The Skype address for the radio station is Amanatee Group LLC. Please accept the invitation to add them as a contact.

Use the headphones or earbuds that you use with your iPod, cell phone, or other device during the call. Please situate yourself in a quiet location where you will not have any interruptions. Make sure there is no background noise.

The radio station will call you right before the show. I’ll be on Skype with them, waiting to start our interview. While we will do the interview on Skype, we’ll use only the audio portion. Don’t worry if you’re in your pajamas. We aren’t using Skype for its video capabilities; it’s just for the convenience of the recording process.

Step 3: After the interview - Listening to the Show After it Airs

Your interview will be broadcast four weeks after we’ve recorded it.

The name of the radio station is S.O.B. Radio Network. S.O.B. is an acronym for “Spunky Old Broad.” It’s a radio station designed for women over the age of 50.

Here are the ways in which you can access the show:

View the schedule at to find the time of the show.

If you want to listen to your interview, go to It will tell you how to listen to your interview.

You can also download our AHA app from the front page of RENP (Radio Ear Network Project). If you are using a current Apple device (iPhone, iPad) you only need to click on the play button on the player. Using the AHA App will allow you to listen in your car. After you have downloaded the AHA App you can search for S.O.B. Radio Network. You can also use Apple CarPlay.

On the week of the broadcast you may listen on demand or download a copy for your web site by clicking on the show’s image on the schedule. If you have issues with obtaining a copy of your interview, please contact

This show is broadcasted over the Radio Ear Network Project, and provides information to create a better world. If you would like your local radio station to carry the show, email the Program Producer: