How To Win If Your Middle-Aged Man Dumps You For A Teen-Aged Woman

We’ve all heard stories about middle-aged men who dump their middle-aged, menopausal wife for a teen-aged woman. Most people attribute such behavior to a man’s so-called “midlife crisis.” And most people (other than fellow middle-aged wife-dumpers) tend to view this midlife crisis behavior as entirely inappropriate.


This is especially true because the whole thing ends up being a bigger crisis for you, the middle-aged menopausal woman, than it ever was for your middle-aged wife-dumping meandering man.


But I’m here to tell you that there’s actually a way for you to be the winner of such a crisis, and come out on top. All you have to do is mimic your middle-aged man’s behavior with a teen-aged man-boy of your own!


Think about it:


If your 54-year-old man goes out and finds himself an 18-year-old woman to get great sex … all because you’ve lost your interest in sex (with him), he’ll be shocked if you find yourself a hunky, sexy sex machine. You’ll be a 54-year-old woman with an 18-year-old man. And there is nothing on earth more sex-charged than an 18-year-old man!


And face it, both mathematically and sexually: 18 goes into 54 many more times than 54 goes into 18. Sexually-speaking, you’ll have a lot more great, hard, satisfying sex than your middle-aged man can even recall having when he was young. That’s for sure!


You win!


And, when you think about the emotional effect of all that great sex, you can come out on top there, too.


His little 18-year-old woman is gonna fall in love with her “daddy.” And she’ll want to get married. If your ex-middle-aged dumper wants to keep her from dumping him, he’ll have no choice but to button his lip & get hitched.


But marriage is the last thing on your 18-year-old man’s mind. All he cares about is having fun sex. Commitment and a long-term relationship are completely foreign to him. So you’ll get care-free sex. This is perfect for you. The last thing you want at 54 is to adopt another man for whom you have to function as his mother.


So, you win on that, too.


Of course, once she forces him to marry her, your former middle-aged man’s teen-aged woman is going to get pregnant so fast that it will make his head spin faster than his sperm can swim. And he’ll have to deal with a pregnant woman’s hormones, which are definitely as wonky as … if not more wonky than …menopausal hormones.


And if she doesn’t get pregnant right away, your ex-middle-aged man will have to deal with her menstrual hormone rollercoaster. At least with you, the hormonal rollercoaster days were a distant memory.


But your hunky teen-aged man won’t think about wanting kids until long after you’ve kicked him to the curb for some reason or another. And his hormones will just be at a steady high all the time. You’ll have no worries about having to deal with any fluctuations. He’ll be like a machine that you can control: On when you want him for sex, and off when you don’t.


Win, win, win!


And then when your old middle-aged man has to deal with raising a whole passel of screaming kids all over again, he’ll be kicking himself for starting all over again at such an old age. He’ll wonder how he ever managed all this the first time around with you. But, alas, he’ll realize that he didn’t manage this; you did.


But while he’s trying to figure out childrearing 101, you’ll be free to do as you please. You’ll have lost your bonding hormone oxytocin, and have no desire to be around anybody. And you won’t have to be. Your kids will be grown and on their own. You won’t have a man around the house to bother you. And you’ll have peace and quiet.


Win again!


Just when your previously rich old man thinks he’s gotten ahead, it will be time for him to fork out the dough for college educations and weddings. Back to the poor house he’ll go, while you sit on your nice nest egg, secure in the thought that you are set for the rest of your life.


That’s another big win, a monetary one.


But there’s more.


Menopause is inevitable. So, after dumping you because of your menopause, your exhausted, financially-strapped, rapidly-aging ex is going to have to deal with menopause all over again … hers! That’s probably when it will finally dawn on him that, had he just stayed with you, he’d have been a lot better off all around.


There really just isn’t any way for you to lose on this. It’s all a matter of how you look at it. So, cheer up. Your middle-aged man’s midlife crisis could be you’re your freedom license.

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