$25 Gift Card

Gift card for Menopause Taylor website shop and consultations

$ 25

This is the wonderful gift of education! It’s a $25 gift card that is available in my Menopause Taylor digital store, for use towards any physical item or towards a consultation. Simply purchase a card, and you’ll receive an email with a digital code. Use the code on your next purchase, consultation, or gift to anyone who can benefit from my education. You can use it toward the purchase of books, charts, or even fans. Whether you've been unsure of what to request for yourself, or you want to spread my education far and wide, this gift card is the perfect option.

Note: Currently, gift cards are available for customers in the U.S. only. Please allow 24-48 business hours to receive your promo code for gift card redemption. We do not offer the gift card for webinars. The gift card price does not include applicable tax.

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