Menopause: Your Management Your Way … Now and for the Rest of Your Life Book

$ 40

Most menopause resources promote one product, angle, or management style.
They coerce you with fear, hype, and marketing.
The seem to imply that all women are alike in their preferences and needs.
If you want an unbiased education on menopause that gives you all the facts to enable you to manage your menopause your way, this is the book for you.
Whether you prefer conventional, alternative, or complementary medicine, this book empowers you to manage your menopause your way. It presents all options for menopause: diet, lifestyle, vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, acupuncture, hypnosis, as weel as hormonal and non-hormonal medications.
You're unique. You know yourself better than anyone else does.
You've got what it takes to make your own choices.
This book will give you the toolkit of information to succeed your way.

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