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Cancer Runs in the Wrong Direction

The “C” word. 

Everybody knows what the “C” represents: “Cancer!”

It wasn’t until the mid 1900s that people could even bring themselves to actually utter the word “cancer” instead of merely whispering “the C word” when speaking about cancer. It’s as if they were trying to distance themselves from mere mention of the word “cancer.”

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Which Relatives are Relative to Your Breast?

Think about your relatives. Which are “immediate” relatives? And which are “distant” relatives? Which ones “matter” most? Of course, they all matter! But, face it: You hold some more closely to your breast than others. Speaking of your breast, do you know which relatives are relative to your breast? I mean, in the sense of breast cancer?

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“How Am I Supposed To Find ‘Lumps’ In My Already-Lumpy Breasts?”

Sometimes I’m shocked by things that sound like an absolute oxymoron to me. And yet, other people seem to be unfazed by them. I wonder, do they simply fail to really consider how ridiculous the statement is, or do they read between the lines and understand some hidden meeting that is lost on me?

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