Menopause Taylor Outline Notes

I’ve organized these outline notes for you to download or print out and use as a guide through our Menopause journey together. When you watch my weekly YouTube videos, these outline notes will definitely come in handy for following along.

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Menopause Taylor Worksheet

This is all about YOU! Download the worksheet and print it out. During the tutorials, I'll teach you exactly what you need to know in order to fill it out correctly. We'll have regular "Worksheet Timeouts" whenever it's time to answer one of the questions.

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Consultations 101 featuring Angie Hot & Flashy!

One-on-one consultations with me are life-changing. If you don’t want to take my word for it, then ask my friend and fellow YouTuber, Angie @HotandFlashy. In today’s video, we discuss the importance of scheduling a consultation to ensure you manage YOUR menopause YOUR way.

Q & A About Menopause Taylor

Most people who have a YouTube channel make videos that tell you all about how they live their own lives: How they dress, what they eat, what they take for various medical problems, etc. I don’t do that. My channel is purely educational, and I don’t even have an angle or opinion to push on you. My menopause education is all about YOU, not me. But wouldn’t you know that I get dozens of questions about me! So, my staff has convinced me to do a Q & A video addressing all the questions I get over and over and over again. So, if you’re curious about my skincare regimen, or what I eat in a day, or how I manage my arthritis, watch this video.

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The Unbiased Resource For Menopause

Hi! I’m Barbara Taylor, M.D., but you’ll know me as “Menopause Barbie.” My channel is an unbiased resource for all women — pre-, peri-, and post-menopausal. Based on my book, Menopause: Your Management Your Way … Now and for the Rest of Your Life, it’s a great place to learn everything you need to know to empower you to tailor your menopause and love your life. Make sure you subscribe so that you can keep up with my new video each week!

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Customize Your Menopause Management

There are many different ways to manage menopause; and through this series, I’ll teach you how to customize your menopause management to your own needs and desires. No one else’s opinion matters but your own! No two women are alike. You know yourself better than anybody else does. So why not use those principles in management of your menopause? Even though many women dread menopause, it can actually be the best time of your life! I’ll empower you to take control and do things your way. Subscribe to my channel, and you’ll easily keep up with my weekly videos.

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Misconceptions About Menopause Are Everywhere!

I’ll bet you think you know more than you know — or need to know — to be a menopausal woman … at any stage of menopause. The problem with misconceptions about menopause is that everyone shares the same misinformation.
It’s time for you to set yourself apart from all the falsehoods. Watch this video and you’ll be shocked to discover that you don’t know what you don’t know.

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Menopausal Women Rule The World!

Menopausal women rule the world! It’s true. Do you have any idea how many menopausal women there are? The numbers will astound you. Menopausal women constitute the fastest growing segment of society. And that means we are powerful … individually and as a group. So let’s take advantage of our power and become vocal about menopause. No more suppression. Let’s advocate for menopause education for all.

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You’re the Judge of Your Own Menopause!

You are the judge of your own menopause, ladies! Don’t settle for less than you deserve when it comes to managing your menopause. You get to be the judge, the jury, and the witness and do things your way. You know yourself better than anybody else does, so don’t let anyone make your decisions for you.

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What is Menopause? Puberty in Reverse!

What is menopause? I think of it as puberty in reverse. Thought you were through with puberty when you were a teen? Wrong. Now you’re 50 and you’re going to experience it all over again … in reverse. It’s time for all those things that geared up for reproduction to shut down and go out of business. And you can make it so much better the second time … by watching these videos. Subscribe to my channel so you can keep up with all of my new videos!

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Menopause Barbie’s Fun Anatomy Class

Welcome to Menopause Barbie’s Fun Anatomy Class! Don’t really understand all those parts down there? Well you will after this video … with food for demonstrations. You’ll understand female reproductive parts and their functions better than you ever imagined. Wait until you see how I explain everything in simple terms that you’ll never forget.

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“I Don’t Know Which Gynecologic Surgical Procedure I’ve Had.”

Are you asking yourself, “What gynecologic surgery did I have?” Can you believe that the majority of women who’ve had gynecologic surgery don’t know what was removed or what the consequences are? This video explains surgical procedures in a manner you’ll find fun and easy to understand. I’ll use fruit and vegetables to demonstrate anatomical parts, and tell you which surgical procedures cause menopause.

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What Happens to Female Hormones During Menopause

Have you ever wondered what happens to female hormones during menopause? Did you know that your brain and your ovaries talk to one another, and that hormones are their means of communication? Understanding the hormones involved in menopause is easy. I’ll present them one by one and then teach you how they communicate.

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Phases Of Menopause

Today we are discussing the phases of menopause. Life is all about phases, and so is menopause. Regardless of your age, you need to know what to expect now … and for the rest of your life. And that’s because while menopause has phases, menopause itself is not just a phase. It’s a lifestyle.

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How Will I Know When Menopause Comes a Knockin’?

How will you know when menopause comes a knockin’? Would you believe that there are 22 signs and symptoms of menopause? Do you know what they are? Would you recognize them as menopause if they happened to you? Most women are woefully unprepared for menopause and mistake their symptoms of menopause for a medical problem. You might be experiencing one right now that you’ve mistaken for something else. This video might be just what you need.

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“How Can I Be Sure It’s Menopause?”

“How can I be sure it’s menopause?” I’ve heard this question countless times. Do you need proof that you’re menopausal? And how accurate are tests for menopause? Is there anything other than a blood test to give you the information you want? Watch this video to find out all these things and more.

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The Balancing Act for Menopause

Much like the rest of your life, menopause management is all about balance. Choosing your menopause management options is like choosing a husband: no one’s opinion matters but your own. As you balance the pros and cons of each option, you’ll decide what’s best for you. You can use trial and error and you can change your mind … just like you can when it comes to choosing your man.

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Dietary Pearls That Improve Your Menopausal Life

Can you name 20 dietary pearls that improve your menopausal life? From transit time to farting to toxins to labels, I’ll teach you some principles to a smoother life … now and for the rest of your life, regardless of where you are in your menopausal journey.

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The Food Guide for Menopause

Have you any idea how much a Dietician / Nutritionist can help you as you navigate through menopause? Come join me for an interview with an expert in food, and learn how to make your food work for you.

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Menopause Lifestyle Pearls

How much of your lifestyle is menopause-friendly? Can you guess some of Menopause Barbie’s lifestyle pearls? Tune into this video to get a list of the 21 most important lifestyle measures you can use to manage your menopause successfully. Some of them aren’t what you might expect.

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Menopause Barbie’s 12 Rules of Exercise

So much talk about exercise! But what’s really important? Do you have to use weight machines? Do you have trouble envisioning yourself lifting weights like a weight lifter? Tune in to this video and learn Menopause Barbie’s 12 rules of exercise for menopause. You’ll be relieved to know that your exercise can be a lot more fun and effective than you might have expected.

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Alternative vs Traditional Medicine For Menopause Management

Alternative vs traditional medicine for menopause management, what’s the controversy all about? Why do some people advocate alternative and complementary options for menopause and others advocate traditional medical options? How do they differ? This tutorial will introduce you to the principles behind both camps to help you see which one you prefer over the other or if you prefer one over the other.

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Marketing of Alternative vs Traditional Medicine

Today we are comparing marketing of alternative and traditional medicine for menopause. What happens before a product hits the market? Do Alternative and Complementary products and Traditional Medical products undergo the same regulatory and approval processes? If not, how do they differ? This tutorial will give you insight behind the scenes so that you are fully aware of the differences between the two big camps for menopause.

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Botanical & Herbal Therapy for Menopause

Let’s talk about botanical & herbal Therapy for Menopause. Botanicals … herbs … what’s the difference? This tutorial will teach you how to find and use botanical and herbal products to manage your menopause. You’ll learn about the different forms of these products and what to expect in terms of their variability. It’s all about flower power … or plant power!

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Shopping Trip to the Alternative & Complementary Shop

Come shopping with me at the alternative and complementary shop! Have you ever gone to and through an Alternative and Complementary shop? There are so many products! Come with me as I pull things off the shelves and show you just how much you can find in this category for managing your menopause.

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“Natural” Versus “Synthetic” Options for Menopause Management

Let’s discuss “natural” versus “synthetic” options for menopause management. It’s only natural that you might have a preference for either “natural” or “synthetic” options for menopause. It would be false to argue otherwise. But how do you know what’s “natural” and what’s “synthetic?” And what makes something “natural” or “synthetic,” anyway? Are all pharmaceuticals “synthetic?” And does “synthetic” mean “artificial?” Are all herbal formulations “natural?” The answers might surprise you. Watch this video to seek the truth.

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What are Bioidentical Hormones for Menopause

What are “bioidentical hormones?” How do they differ from non-bioidentical hormones? And where can you get them? Do they work for everybody? What’s the difference between a bioidentical hormone and a designer hormone or a custom compounded hormone? In this tutorial I’ll clear up all your uncertainties about bioidentical hormones, and point out all the factors that you might want to take into consideration in using them to manage your menopause your way.

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Excesses and Deficiencies of Hormones in Menopause

Today we’re talking about excesses and deficiencies of hormones in menopause. Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone. Have you ever wondered how in the world you’re supposed to know which hormone is causing your menopausal symptoms? And even if you do know which hormone is the culprit, how are you supposed to know whether your symptoms are a result of too much or too little of that hormone? In this tutorial, I’ll give you lists of the symptoms you might experience if you have too much or too little of each hormone. You might just see yourself in one of those lists!

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Sexual Attraction of Hormones During Menopause

It’s time to talk about sexual attraction of hormones during menopause. What’s with all the mixed messages? Are phytoestrogens good for you or not? What is a phytoestrogen, anyway? Are they as strong as the estrogen my body produced? How do they compare to pharmaceutical estrogens? So many questions! In this tutorial I’ll give you the basic science behind phytoestrogens and teach you how they differ from your body’s natural estrogen and form pharmaceutical estrogens.

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Wishy-Washy Effect of Phytoestrogens in Menopause

What’s the effect of phytoestrogens on your estrogens level? Could it be that they can be wishy-washy and raise it or lower it? If so, how can that be? What determines the effect of phytoestrogens on your estrogen levels? I’ll explain all of these things in this wishy-washy tutorial on the effect of phytoestrogens in menopause.


Which Estrogen Steals the Show in Menopause?

What determines whether a strong human estrogen molecule or a weak phytoestrogen will bind to a receptor site? Believe it or not, there’s a contest between the two. And only one can win. So watch this video to see which estrogen steals the show and what the consequences are.


Dietary Estrogen For Menopause Management

Today we’re talking about food and more specifically dietary estrogen. You’ll learn what foods contain phytoestrogens which will help you manage your menopause your way! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to keep with my new video every week.


It’s Soy Good! | Dietary Estrogen

Soy is almost too good to be true! It offers so many of the amazing benefits of estrogen without any of the risks. You might think “Yuck!” at first, but after hearing more about what soy can do for your menopause management, you may change your mind.


Phytoestrogens In Your Grocery Store

Today we’re taking a field trip to the grocery store to identify everyday sources of phytoestrogens. This is not a specialty store and these are all items you can easily find in your local supermarket. It’s so easy!


Botanical and Herbal Estrogens for Menopause

What if you want to use botanical and herbal forms of estrogen to manage your menopause? How do you know which one’s to consider. Are there any side effects … or dangers that you should know about? In this tutorial, I’ll present all the botanical and herbal sources of estrogens and give you the dosages, side effects, and risks of each.


Bioidentical Estrogens for Menopause

What if you want to use “bioidentical estrogens?” Does it come in various forms? And are all bioidentical estrogen products created equal? In this tutorial, I’ll present the bioidentical estrogens for managing your menopause and explain how they differ. It will be as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Synthetic Pharmaceutical Estrogens for Menopause

Is there anything wrong with taking a synthetic pharmaceutical estrogen for menopause? Are there some advantages? What if you don’t want to target each symptom of menopause individually? How many different synthetic pharmaceutical options are there, anyway? So many questions! In this tutorial, I’ll show you all the different pharmaceutical estrogen products that are FDA approved. You might be surprised about some of your options.


Introduction to SERMs for Menopause

What if you could use a non-estrogen product instead of estrogen for your menopause? And what if that product mimicked the benefits of estrogen but not the risks of estrogen? Wouldn’t it be great to know about such products? Such products actually exist. They’re called SERMs. Watch this video for an introduction about how they work.


Meet the SERMs Family of Options for Menopause Management

Now that you know that SERMs exist, don’t you want to know their names and what they do? You can find a SERM for almost any situation. In this tutorial, I’ll present the SERMs one by one, showing you samples and explaining all their friendly and unfriendly characteristics.


Progesterone: The Changing Chameleon Hormone for Menopause

You know there’s a hormone called “Progesterone.” And you know it’s not “the female hormone” or “the male hormone.” So what is it, really? If there’s already a female hormone and a male hormone, what’s with this third hormone? How can we have three sex hormones when there are only two sexes? Watch this video to learn what progesterone really is.


Progesterone for Menopause: Botanical, Herbal, and Bioidentical

Progesterone! Is it really necessary? With all its fickle characteristics, why should you bother with it? Isn’t estrogen the important female hormone? And if you’re an earth mother, and want to manage your menopause using herbal and botanical products, how do you know which ones contain progesterone? In this video, I’ll present the herbal, botanical, and bioidentical products you can use to meet your progesterone needs, and I’ll explain why this hormone is so important for the vast majority of women.

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Synthetic Progesterone Options for Menopause

Ugh! Synthetic progesterone is soooo confusing! You probably know women who used it to get pregnant. And you know women who used it for induction of labor. You might know someone who used it for irregular periods, or even contraception. And now we’re talking about using it for menopause. In this tutorial, I’ll present the different forms of progesterone that you can use for menopause. And you’ll probably be surprised and relieved to learn about some of them.

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Estrogen & Progesterone for Menopause: Dietary, Herbal, & Botanical

Maybe you want to manage your menopause using herbal and botanical products. And if you still have your uterus, you’ll need both estrogen and progesterone plant products to do so. The trick will be to balance the two so that you get the benefits of estrogen without harming your uterus. So how will you do that? Which herbal and botanical products will you use?

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Bioidentical Estrogen Plus Progesterone for Menopause

What about using bioidentical estrogen PLUS progesterone for menopause management? How does it compare with using dietary, herbal, botanical, or non-bioidentical, synthetic pharmaceutical forms of these two hormones? Is it easier to balance estrogen and progesterone to protect your uterus against uterine cancer with bioidenticals or more difficult? So confusing, isn’t it? Watch this video and clear up that confusion.

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Principles of Synthetic Pharmaceutical Estrogen Plus Progesterone for Menopause

All this stuff about hormone dosages and how you take them can be confusing. Why do these things matter, anyway? Why isn’t there a “one-dose-and-regimen-fits-all” plan to make it easy? In this tutorial, I’ll explain the principles behind hormone dosages and regimens. And you’ll understand why all women can’t take hormones the same way for menopause management.

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Synthetic Pharmaceutical Estrogen Plus Progesterone Birth Control Options for Menopause

Are you kidding? Birth control as a hormone source when menopause is on my doorstep? Is that really an option? What if you don’t need birth control? Is it still an option? Why would any woman choose to take birth control if she doesn’t need it specifically for birth control?

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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause: Synthetic Pharmaceutical Estrogen Plus Progesterone

HRT! Is it a poison from the devil? Or is it a gift from God? You hear so much about this stuff! But what’s the truth? If it’s so dangerous, why does it even exist? Are we all better off just using dietary, botanical, or herbal products that contain estrogen and progesterone? Are there any benefits to using HRT? And how does the HRT form of estrogen plus progesterone differ from that in birth control products?

In this tutorial, I’ll cover all these things and give you all the facts on HRT. No more wonders, fears, or insecurities. You’ll know the truth.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Menopause

All this talk about hormone replacement therapy! What about testosterone? Do you need to replace it, too? If so, how? And when? What are the signs and symptoms of testosterone excess? Join me in this video tutorial to learn the scoop on testosterone. I’ll explain how your testosterone levels change in your body and the sources to utilize if you want to replace it.

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Summary of Hormones for Menopause

After showing you all sorts of hormone options in four different categories for estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, now I’ll give you a summary. Whether you’re looking for dietary sources, herbal sources, bioidentical sources, or synthetic pharmaceutical sources, I’ll help you navigate within the framework of where you live and what’s available to you. My goal, as always, is to assist you in finding what you want to manage your menopause your way. I’m your tailor (Taylor) for that.

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Menopause Doesn’t Have To Be A Nightmare & Giveaway!

Most women endure nightmare scenarios when they approach menopause. They have no idea what to expect in advance, no idea what’s happening once it starts, and no idea where to go for help after they’ve become desperate for help. It just doesn’t have to be that way! In this video, I’ll depict what’s typical (and unfortunate) for the majority of women. And I’ll set the stage for helping you prevent that same nightmare.

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The Herbalist’s Herbs for Menopause

Come visit a certified herbalist with me and let her tell you how herbal therapy can help you manage your menopause your way. Instead of the do-it-yourself method of buying your herbs at a store, you can get top quality herbs and first-hand expertise from Dr. Sadhna Singh.

Contact Dr. Sadhna Singh – Eastern Harmony Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic –

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Using a Naturopathic Doctor for Managing Your Menopause

Have you ever thought about going to a Naturopathic Doctor to manage your menopause? And if so, do you know what naturopathic medicine entails? What are the limits of what you can expect from naturopathic treatments? And how much do diet and lifestyle have to do with it? Learn the answers to all these questions and more in this video interview with Naturopathic Doctor Gracie G. Chukwu.

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Osteopathic Manipulation for Management of Menopause

Osteopathic Medicine. Do you know what that is? And do you know what osteopathic manipulation entails? How about the difference in training between osteopathic doctors and medical doctors? What about the difference between a chiropractic manipulation and an osteopathic manipulation? Come with me to the Osteopathic Healing Hands office of Dr. Payel Banik, who specializes in osteopathic manipulation for all sorts of things … including symptoms of menopause.

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Hypnosis for Menopause Management

Did you know that some women turn to hypnosis to manage some of their physical symptoms of menopause, like hot flashes and night sweats? Are you wondering if it can actually help with such things? Can everyone can be hypnotized, or just some people? And what about the risks? If you’d like the answers to these and other things about hypnosis, join me on this visit to a hypnotist who assists women with management of their menopause.

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Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety During Menopause

Have you ever thought about hypnosis for stress and anxiety during menopause? Stress and anxiety are two of the most common complaints during with menopause. And you might just want to use a more Dzactivedz approach for managing them. In this video, I’ll be interviewing hypnotist TC Lenormand, a hypnotist who specializes in helping people manage stress and anxiety. Tune in to see what he has to say.

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Acupuncture for Menopause Management

Have you ever wondered if acupuncture could help alleviate or reduce some of your symptoms of menopause? And if you’ve considered it, are you curious about how it works? And don’t you want to know if it hurts? In this video, I’ll meet with Dr. Sadhna Singh, an acupuncturist. She’ll answer all of your questions and even demonstrate acupuncture for you.

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How To Manage Your Menopause With an Integrative Medicine Physician

Do you know what an “Integrative Medicine Physician” is? Did you know that the offer yet another means of managing your menopause? Well, then, what’s different about an Integrative Medicine Physician? How do you know if they offer the right approach for you? In this video, I’ll take you to see an Integrative Medicine Physician so that you can find out for yourself.

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Hotze Health & Wellness Clinic Approach to Menopause Management

Maybe you’d like to manage your menopause in a facility that is geared specifically toward “health and wellness.” It promotes bioidentical hormones … and even makes its own. But it’s also of a holistic mindset, with the use of vitamins and minerals as part of the “formula.” And, of course, it promotes diet and exercise as essential components of your menopausal health. In this video, meet Dr. Steven Hotze of the Hotze Health and Wellness Center in Houston Texas, and hear his unique approach to menopause management.

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Working Out With a Menopause Fitness Specialist

Have you ever heard of a Menopause Fitness Specialist? Imagine having a personal trainer who knows all about your unique needs as a menopausal woman. It’s not uncommon for a woman to need a trainer for the very first time in her life at the time of menopause. “The change” is just that. It’s a time when your body changes in many ways. And working out in traditional ways, with a traditional trainer, may not produce the best results. In this video, I’ll introduce you to Shana Ross of Shana Ross Fitness. She’ll talk about both diet and exercise as critical components of your adaptation to your menopausal life.

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Managing Your Menopause With Your Family Practitioner

Why not just manage your menopause with your Family Practitioner? You know, the one you go to for little things like colds and minor rashes. Is there any difference whether you use your Family Practitioner or your Gynecologist? If menopause isn’t a disease, why bother going to a physician that specializes in gynecology or menopause? Join me as I pose these very questions (and more) to a Family Practitioner.

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Managing Your Menopause With a Gynecologic Menopause Specialist

Did you know that some gynecologists specialize in menopause? Some even practice nothing but menopause! It’s their passion. That means they’re the most educated, up-to-date, and focused on your menopause. Unlike some of the other professionals available for managing your menopause, a gynecologic menopause specialist focuses on both the short-term symptoms you’re experiencing now and the long-term health consequences of menopause that you don’t want to experience later.

In this video, I’ll interview Nina Ali, M.D., a menopause guru who is passionate about helping you manage your menopause your way. Listen to what she has to say about menopause, the women she sees, and her approach to helping them.

Tutorial 58 of Series

How To Find The Perfect Professionals for Menopause Management

Are you having difficulty finding a professional who can help you manage your menopause your way? Do you feel as though you meet with resistance and adversarial behavior when you try to get what you want for your menopause? Well, that might be because you don’t know which professionals offer what you want. In this video, I’ll present all the various professionals who can help you manage your menopause, and I’ll give you their differing philosophies, tools, and limitations. That way, you won’t have to waste your time or experience disappointment.

Enter the 2 day seminar giveaway here:

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Hybrid Professionals for Managing Your Menopause

Have you ever thought of certain professionals as “hybrids”? By “hybrid,” I mean having characteristics of two different systems. Well, there are several professionals available for managing your menopause who fit the description of a hybrid perfectly. They belong to both the Alternative & Complementary and the Traditional Medical arena. Or, they hover in between. Join me in this tutorial to learn which professionals fall into this hybrid category and how they can help you manage your menopause your way.

Tutorial 60 of Series

Alternative & Complementary Professionals for Menopause Management

What if you’re totally against Traditional Medicine and wish to use only those professionals within the Alternative & Complementary arena? Which ones should you seek? This tutorial will present them to you and describe how each provides services to help you manage your menopause your way. You might just discover things about these professionals that you never knew.

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History of Menopause: Are We Stuck In The Past!?

You’re not used to getting a history lesson from a menopause expert. But this one will really get your interest. How did we end up where we are today in our understanding of menopause? And what influence has the past had on the present? Have you ever heard the saying “History repeats itself?” How might that phrase apply to menopause? In this tutorial, I’ll give you a shocking and sobering account of the history of menopause.

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Denial of Undeniable Menopause

Denial. It’s such a common thing … especially when it comes to menopause! But isn’t it a shame that women deny the undeniable? And why is it that instead of rejoicing over the fact that we live long enough to even become menopausal, we grieve over becoming menopausal. In this video tutorial, I’ll teach you about the five stages of grieving, and apply them to menopause.

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Psychology of Menopause

Have you ever thought about how much your attitude affects your experience? In every aspect of our lives, attitude plays a huge role in our perception of the situation. This is especially true of menopause. In this tutorial, we’ll address the psychology of menopause, and see just how much your attitude can change the course of your menopausal life.

Tutorial 64 of Series

Psychological Symptoms of Menopause

We’ve addressed the long list of physical symptoms of menopause, but what about the psychological symptoms? For some women, these are the most significant of all. Can you list a few? Don’t worry; in this tutorial, I’ll present them all … with creative names, no less. You might be surprised how many there are.

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The Male Perspective of Female Menopause

Have you ever wondered what your menopause looks like to your man? Remember, he can’t feel what you’re feeling. All he can do is try to make sense of what he observes. And when you add that to the different way his brain interprets things, the result can be a big messy relationship! Watch this video with your man to make things easier for both of you … and sign up for the Menopause 101 for Men DVD giveaway.

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Menopause and Divorce

Sure, we’ve all heard about or witnessed divorces during midlife. But how much do you really know about them? Do you know the real cause of divorce during menopause? It might surprise you to discover that there are actually sociologic and physiologic bases for the connection between menopause and divorce. Join me in this video to learn the facts.

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How to Tell Your Kids About Menopause

Parenting is awkward at times. And one of the awkward moments of parenthood involves telling your kids about puberty. There’s nothing relaxing about preparing your child for periods, acne, moodiness, or changes in his or her genitalia. And just as it can feel strange to tell your child what will happen to them at puberty, it can be even stranger to tell them what will happen to you at menopause. Tune in to this video to get some helpful hints that will ease the discussion.

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Menopausal Identity Crisis

Have you ever heard of an “identity crisis?” It’s when a person looks in the mirror and says, “Who am I?” Usually, an identity crisis is associated with a void in someone’s life. Did you know that identity crises are common at the time of menopause? Join me in this video to learn all about it.

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Menopause in the Workplace

How does menopause affect working women? How much does the workplace accommodate menopausal women? And what if you want to go back to work at the time of menopause? What then? There’s probably more to this phenomenon of menopause in the workplace than you ever imagined. Tune into this video to address menopause in the workplace.

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Menopausal Zest

Okay, you hear about all the negative, demoralizing, energy-draining aspects of menopause. But, have you ever heard about all the positives? Believe it or not, there are some really wonderful things about menopause. One of them is something called menopausal zest! Don’t know what that is? Well, watch this video and I’ll tell you all about it. It will make you smile and energize you, I’m sure.

Tutorial 71 of series

Male Menopause Is Real!

Have you ever wondered what happens to men? Do they have menopause? Well, it might surprise you to discover that they DO have a form of menopause. But it goes by a different name. It’s called, andropause. I’ll teach you all about it in this tutorial. Get your man to watch this one with you.

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Do Men and Women Trade Places at Menopause

Have you ever noticed that men become more like women, and women become more like men at the time of menopause? Whether you focus on physical, emotional, or behavioral characteristics, you’ll see that men and women “trade places.” Join me in the enlightening video tutorial to see just how true this is.

Tutorial 73 of series

Dealing with Aging Parents AND Menopause

We talk a lot about how we’re aging as we manage our menopause. But what about our aging parents? Not only are they living longer and longer, they’re leaning on us more and more. And that has a huge impact on your menopause, your family, and your finances. Join me in this video tutorial for some suggestions about how to handle all the stress at once.

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What Is Estrogen Dominance?

What is this thing called, “Estrogen Dominance”? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? How does one know if she has estrogen dominance? And if you do, what’s the solution? This is one of those areas of great misconception. Join me in this video to clear up all the misconceptions about estrogen dominance and make sense out of it.

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Estrogen Dominant Versus Estrogen Deficient | What’s The Difference?

How can there possibly be confusion about the difference between “estrogen dominance” and “estrogen deficiency”? You’d be surprised! Although these two terms seem obviously contradictory, there’s a whole lot of mix-up between them. Tune into this video to clear up all the confusion and learn why it exists.

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Using Progesterone INSTEAD OF Estrogen for Menopause?

As a result of all the hype and scare tactics about estrogen, many women have asked, “Can I Use Progesterone INSTEAD OF Estrogen for Menopause?” And since that question comes up a lot, I answer it in this video. Tune in to learn what progesterone can and cannot do for you in managing your menopause.

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Menopause as an Estrogen Deficiency State

Have you ever thought of menopause as an estrogen deficiency state? If not, why not? Isn’t loss of estrogen with menopause analogous to the loss of insulin with diabetes, or the loss of thyroid hormone with hypothyroidism? In this video, we’ll look at menopause from the perspective of an estrogen deficiency state. Tune in to see what you think.

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Compensating for Loss of Estrogen at Menopause

If you think of post-menopause as an estrogen deficiency state, it would make sense to compensate for that deficiency. In other words, you’d want to do something to give you the benefits that estrogen provided (before it disappeared). And the great thing is that there are many options for doing so. Join me in this video to discuss this concept of compensating for the loss of estrogen at the time of post-menopause.

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Menopause Management is All About Trade-Offs and Priorities

Have you ever realized that everything in life is about trade-offs? If you choose one thing, you forfeit another. It’s a rule of nature. Well, choosing management options for your menopause follows that same rule. And, generally speaking, which option you choose depends on your priorities. Watch this video tutorial to address this phenomenon of trade-offs and priorities in the world of menopause management.

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The Estrogen Window of Opportunity

Would you believe that you have an “Estrogen Window of Opportunity”? Have you ever heard of such a thing? Most women haven’t. In this tutorial, I’ll introduce you to the topic. Don’t miss this window of opportunity to learn about your estrogen window of opportunity. If you do, the window could close on you forever, along with a lot of opportunities.

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Symptoms of Menopause & The Estrogen Window of Opportunity

You know that long list of symptoms of menopause? It seems like every part of your body bothers you in some way or another. Do you know which of those symptoms fall into the estrogen window of opportunity? Which ones suffer the most without estrogen? Which symptoms are irreversible once the damage is done? Tune into this video to find out.

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Diseases of Menopause & The Estrogen Window of Opportunity

So how does this concept of “the estrogen window of opportunity” apply to the long-term diseases that are associated with menopause? That’s the stuff that really matters in the big picture. IF you aren’t aware of this, it could be curtains for you. So be sure to watch this video and keep your opportunities open.

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Risk for DISEASES of Menopause & The Estrogen Window of Opportunity

Do you know which three dreaded diseases you can prevent by understanding the estrogen window of opportunity? Do you know how much of a difference you can make in your future by learning about them? Most women would answer, “No” to both questions. Don’t waste this opportunity to make one of the biggest differences you’ll ever make in your life. Watch this video.

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What KIND of Estrogen Can Prevent Diseases Associated With Menopause

Have you ever wondered if all estrogen products are created equal when it comes to preventing the diseases that are associated with menopause? Do pills that you swallow do the same thing as creams that you insert into your vagina? Wouldn’t it be awful to use a particular form of estrogen, thinking it protected you from heart attack, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s Disease … only to discover years later that it doesn’t serve that purpose? Join me in this video, and I’ll teach you what you need to know to avoid such a mistake.

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How Much Estrogen Do You Need to Prevent Diseases of Menopause

Have you ever wondered if all estrogen products are created equal when it comes to preventing the diseases that are associated with menopause? Do pills that you swallow do the same thing as creams that you inset into your vagina? Wouldn’t it be awful to use a particular form of estrogen, thinking it protected you from heart attack, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s Disease … only to discover years later that it doesn’t serve that purpose? Join me in this video, and I’ll teach you what you need to know to avoid such a mistake.

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What Happens If You Don’t Take Estrogen Replacement Therapy for Menopause

I’ve taught you all about the Estrogen Window of Opportunity, and how taking estrogen in the first 5 – 10 years of your post-menopause can decrease your risk for certain diseases. So, you might just wonder what happens if you don’t take estrogen replacement for menopause. Join me in this video to get a logical, down-to-earth answer.

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When to START Taking Estrogen Replacement Therapy for Menopause

If you’ve heard of “The Estrogen Window of Opportunity,” you might wonder when to start taking estrogen before your window of opportunity closes. Understanding the importance of timing is so critical. Join me in this video tutorial to learn all about it.

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When to STOP Taking Estrogen Replacement Therapy for Menopause

After learning when to START taking estrogen replacement therapy in the last tutorial, don’t you want to know when to STOP taking it? Of course you do! Watching this one will complete the picture of what you need to know about the timing of estrogen replacement therapy for menopause.

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What Determines How Long YOU Should Take Estrogen Replacement Therapy for Menopause

Now that you’ve learned all about the estrogen window of opportunity, the next question becomes, “What determines how long you should take estrogen replacement therapy for menopause?” In this video tutorial, I’ll teach you how to answer that question in a completely logical way that’s tailored specifically to YOU.

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What’s Progesterone Got To Do With The Estrogen Window for Menopause?

Now that I’ve taught you all about the estrogen window of menopause, I’m sure you’re wondering, “What’s progesterone got to do with it?” It’s only natural that you would post that question. In this video, I’ll answer it. And I might just entertain you a bit in the process.

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“Guidelines” for Menopause Management

What’s with all the “guidelines in medicine? Don’t they imply that everyone should do the same thing? Isn’t each woman’s situation unique? Join me in this video, where I’ll teach you all about guidelines, how the medical community uses them, and how YOU should use them for your unique circumstance.

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Your Body’s Love Hate Relationship With Estrogen

Love and hate. They’re such opposites, and yet we often feel both at the same time. Could it be that the same is true of how your body feels about estrogen? Does your body love estrogen or does it hate estrogen? You spend the first half of your life with estrogen, and the last half without it. So does your body love it or hate it? Watch this video to find out.

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The Most Important Thing About Menopause

Ask anyone what the most important thing about menopause is, and I can assure you they’ll give you an incorrect answer. In life, sometimes the most important thing is something you don’t know. And such is definitely the case for most women when it comes to menopause. Watch this video and discover why nearly everything you hear about menopause is irrelevant compared to the most important thing.

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Upside-Down Misconceptions About Menopause

There are so many misconceptions about menopause! And some of them are completely upside-down. Not only are these the most common (mis)beliefs held by the majority of women; they’re also the ones that will get you into the most trouble. Join me in this video to learn what they are.

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More Upside Down Misconceptions About Estrogen for Menopause

Estrogen! Is it your friend or your foe? Is it safe or dangerous? How much of what you’ve heard about it is accurate, and how much is pure misconception? Join me in this video, and I’ll give you the answers.

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10 Huge Misconceptions About PROGESTERONE for Menopause

All these misconceptions! What about the misconceptions concerning progesterone? What untruths are floating around between women about this hormone? Is it as wonderful as it seems? Are there any risks associated with it? I’ll answer these questions and more in this tutorial.

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YOUR MENOPAUSE: Traumatic, Dramatic, or Pragmatic???

Traumatic, dramatic, and pragmatic: three simple adjectives, with three vastly different scenarios … especially as they pertain to menopause. Tune in to this video, and I’ll teach you the different ways to adapt to the changes of menopause.

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Hormones for Menopause: The Truth, Whole Truth, & Nothing But the Truth

When you hear a report about a research study, do you assume that what you heard is the truth? Do you react to that report expecting that you’ve heard the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Or could it be that you heard a non-truth, a half-truth, or everything BUT the truth? You’ll be shocked to discover the truth by watching this video.

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Primary and Secondary Uses of HRT for Menopause

What’s the “primary” reason for taking HRT for menopause? And what are the “perks.” Understanding this distinction is critical. It affects your ability to obtain HRT, your expectations, and your results. Join me in this video to learn what you need to know.

Tutorial 100 of series

“Politically Correct” Use of HRT for Menopause

Since HRT has both primary and secondary uses, it’s really important for you to know HOW to have a conversation with your provider that will get you what you want. If you don’t know about the politically-correct way of discussing HRT, you might get confused or frustrated. Watch this video to learn just how to go about requesting HRT.

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What’s Worse: Breast Cancer or Heart Attack?

Have you ever stopped to compare the significance of different diseases on your menopause? What about breast cancer versus heart attack? Which is worse? Which is more likely to affect you? Watch this video to learn the facts on how these two diseases compare.

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Which Cancer is CAUSED by Estrogen? Uterine or Breast?

I’m sure you’ve heard people say that estrogen causes cancer. Does it? And, if it does, which cancers does it cause? Does it cause uterine cancer? Breast cancer? Both? Neither? There are so may misconceptions about whether estrogen causes this cancer or that cancer. So watch this video to get the facts. You’ll probably be surprised as we put estrogen to the test as a cause of uterine and breast cancer.

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Which is Easier to Preserve at Menopause: Your Brain or Your Bones?

Have you ever thought about menopause in terms of “preservation”? Along with the loss of estrogen, there’s loss of other things, namely, your brain and your bones. So why not talk about how to preserve your brain and your bones? What are the options for preserving each and which is easier? Join me in this video tutorial to find out.

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Which Has the Biggest Impact on Your Menopause Diet or Exercise

Have you ever which matters more for your menopause: diet or exercise? Do you sometimes favor one more than the other? Do you use one to make up for the shortcomings of the other? How do you measure the impact of either on your menopause? Watch this video and I’ll give you the facts.

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“News” Versus “Olds” in Managing Menopause

Have you ever really given much thought to the meaning of the word “news”? News means new information. It’s a lot like education. But, do you really want to hear new things, or do you just want to hear confirmation of old things? (I call what you already know — or THINK you already know — “olds.) Do you find it uncomfortable to hear news that doesn’t fit with what you already know? And if that’s the case, how do you ever really learn anything new? When it comes to your menopause education, you need to welcome “news” rather than just “olds.” It’s the difference between “information” and “confirmation.”

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Use of Genetically Modified Soy at Menopause

I’m sure you’ve heard the acronym “GMO” Do you know what it means? Do you know the science and reasoning behind it? Is soy the only food that’s affected by genetic modification? And what if you want to avoid foods that are genetically modified? Tune into this video to learn all these things and more.

Tutorial 107 of series

What are Xenoestrogens???

Are you familiar with the term Xenoestrogens? What comes to mind when you hear that word? Do you avoid xenoestrogens? Do you even know how to avoid xenoestrogens? Are they lurking where you least expect them? Or do you even need to avoid them at all? Watch this tutorial to learn the answers.

Tutorial 108 of series

Processed Foods BUT “Natural” Products

Do you have your priorities straight when it comes to making healthy food choices? What about products for cleaning, grooming, and storing things? Which is more important to you: what you put in your mouth or what you expose yourself to in your environment. In other words, which gets more of your attention: foods or xenoestrogens. Tune into the video tutorial to help keep your priorities straight.

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Animal Protein vs Plant Protein for Menopause

When you think about protein, what comes to mind? An animal? An animal product? A dairy product? Why is that? Do you assume that plants don’t have protein? If so, why? And if you have to consider the quality of animal protein versus plant protein, which one is superior. So much of common knowledge on protein in just plain inaccurate. Tune into this video to learn the facts.

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Benefits of a Plant-based Diet for Menopause

Can you think of any reason to eliminate all the animal products from your diet? If so, how many reasons can you come up with? Do they add up to enough reason to actually convert to a 100% plant-based diet? And do you resist despite all those reasons? Watch this video and see if you change your mind.

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Foods With Magical Health Benefits

What if you had to list the most “magical” foods for your menopause? Would you know what they are? Knowledge like this can be very powerful in meeting your menopause goals. Join me in this video to learn about the most beneficial foods in many categories.

Tutorial 112 of series

The Dirt on Dairy | Menopause Taylor

What if I told you that everything you thought you knew about dairy products is all wrong? What if the dairy industry had misled you your entire life? And what if the consequences of never learning the truth had devastating results? Wee, I hate to be the one to break the news, but …. Watch this video to discover the dirt on dairy.

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Savory Spices That Can Save Your Life

How well do you know your spices? And, even if you know a lot about how they taste, do you know which ones can save your life? If you’d like to spice up your life and save your life at the same time, watch this video, in which I’ll teach you about the most life-saving spices.

Tutorial 114 of series

Gluttons for the Gluten Free Glut

“Gluten-free.” It’s something you hear a lot these days. But, what is it all about? Is it a diet? Is it an intolerance? Is it a medical problem? How does someone know if they need to be gluten-free? I’ll school you in all these things and more in this video tutorial on this hot topic.

Tutorial 115 of series

Nutrition Myths

You hear all sorts of things about nutrition: “Everything in moderation,” It’s okay to cheat once in a while,” “Eat foods that are low-fat, high-fiber,” “Buy organic,” “Get your calcium from diary.” These are but a few of the things “they say” to guide you. How do you know which are truths and which are myths? Do you believe the ones you hear repeatedly? Learn the facts in this video.

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What The Big Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Food

Have you ever thought about your health in terms of big industry? Probably not. We tend to think of our health as an individual matter. But, the fact is, you are part of the economy. And, as a part of the economy, your behavior either benefits or hurts the economy. The question is: does the health of the economy benefit or hurt your health? Find out in this video tutorial.

Tutorial 117 of series

Misleading Food Labelling

Have you ever really paid attention to the writing you see on food packages. Do you use it to choose your food? How likely are you to buy something because it’s “fat-free,” or “natural”? Do you know how accurate food labeling is? When you think of just how much writing there is on food packages and how much you rely on it to choose food products, it’s really good to know some facts about it. So watch this video to learn the truth.

Tutorial 118 of series

How to Read Nutrition Labels

You know that white rectangular box on food packages? It’s supposed to tell you the truth about the food. But, do you know how to read it? Do you know how to interpret what it’s telling you? After all, that’s why it’s there in the first place. The fact is that most people don’t know how to use the information in that box. If that’s the case for you, you’ve tuned into the right video. This is one everyone should watch. You’ll learn everything you need to know about nutrition labels.

Tutorial 119 of series

Why Can’t I Have My Junk Food and My Vitamins, Too

Have you ever heard the expression, “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too”? Do you think it’s true? Have you ever applied it to junk food and vitamins? I mean, do you think it’s possible to have your junk food and eat it, too? Can you eat junk and just take your vitamins out of a bottle to get the same benefit as eating healthy food? Watch this video to find out!

Tutorial 120 of series

Vitamins for Menopause

Do you know which vitamins are beneficial for menopause? And do you know the symptoms or diseases for which vitamin can be beneficial? No? Well, you need to know! And in this video tutorial, I’ll teach you. So, watch it!

Tutorial 121 of series

Minerals for Menopause

What if your preference is to take minerals for management of your menopause? Do you know which minerals will provide the greatest benefits? Do you know which minerals to use for which symptoms? Don’t you think it’s better to know the role each mineral can play in improving your menopause? That’s what this video tutorial will teach you. Watch it!

Tutorial 122 of series

Dietary Supplements for Menopause

What do you know about dietary supplements? Do you know of any that are especially good for your symptoms of menopause or for reducing your risks of disease associated with menopause? Perhaps you know of a supplement but aren’t sure about its benefits. Whatever the case, be sure to watch this video to make sure you know the facts.

Tutorial 123 of series

Which Herbs Help Which Symptoms of Menopause

So, you hear all about using “herbs” to manage your menopause? But do you know which herbs help with which symptoms of menopause? Do you know if any of the herbs can help reduce your risks for diseases associated with menopause? Wouldn’t you like to know these things so that you can choose the herbs that are best for you? And what about risks? Do herbs have risks? In this video, I’ll teach you all these things. So, watch it!

Tutorial 124 of series

Surprises in the Supplement Industry

How much do you know about the supplement industry? Not individual products, but the entire industry? Vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, and herbs all belong to this industry. They’re all over-the-counter, which means you need to know the behind-the-scenes factors that govern the entire industry. This is the video that will teach you what you need to know.

Tutorial 125 of series

Health Care vs. Disease Care

What do you think of when you hear the term “health care system”? Have you ever noticed that our health care system isn’t about health? It’s about disease! The problem is that you use it as if it’s about health … but that’s a whole different industry. Watch this video to learn how you can use the health care system for health and the disease care system for disease.

Tutorial 126 of series

Role of Your Medical Insurance Company in Your Medical Care

Medical insurance! What role does it play in your medical care? Do you know how much or how little it affects the care you receive? Do you know how it compares to other types of insurance? Well, I’ll tell you all these things and a whole lot more in this video. And I’ll bet they’re things you don’t already know!

Tutorial 127 of series

Is Your Doctor A Hero or a Heretic

Have you ever had a situation in which you thought your doctor was a hero and later realized that he was a heretic? Or maybe it was reversed: You though he was a heretic and later realized he was a hero? What situations brought about these opinions? Did you realize your assessment really boiled down to how much you knew about the situation? Watch this video in which I give you scenarios and let you decide whether your doctor is a hero or a heretic.

Tutorial 128 of series

Population Versus Personal Medicine

How much of your medical care is tailored specifically to YOU? How much is dictated by POPULATION statistics and POPULATION guidelines? How did it happen that so much of what constitutes YOUR medical care is really not about you at all? Join me in this video to learn all about this.

Tutorial 129 of series

How Much Does Your Menopause Manager Know About Menopause?

Women get their menopause care from all sorts of professionals — gynecologic menopause specialists, regular gynecologists, internists, family practitioners, general practitioners, osteopaths, pharmacists, naturopaths, dieticians, nutritionists, herbalists, acupuncturists, and fitness trainers. There are so many! But, how much does each kind of professional actually know about menopause? How many have any education on it at all? You’ll be surprised to find out how truly neglected the topic of menopause is in so many different arenas.

Tutorial 130 of series

Menopause Mantras: Mythical or Matter of Fact

You know how you hear something over and over … until it becomes a mantra? Does the fact that it’s a mantra make it a matter of fact? Or are some mantras myths? In this video, I’ll present some menopause mantras and tell you whether they’re mythical or matter of fact.

Tutorial 131 of series

Class Labelling and Black Box Warnings

Have you ever wondered why you get the huge “pamphlet” of warnings that’s folded up in the box whenever you get a pharmaceutical drug? It usually scares you to death! And why don’t you get anything like that when you get compounded drugs? Does it mean that the pharmaceuticals are dangerous while the compounded drugs are safe? Watch this tutorial to learn why there’s a difference.

Toturial 132 of series

Total Hysterectomy Is A Total Misconception

If you think you know what constitutes a “Total Hysterectomy,” think again. 99% of women are absolutely certain they know what it is. And 98% of them are most certainly incorrect. Watch this video week to get the total truth.

Tutorial 133 of series

Difference Between Gradual and Sudden Menopause

What’s the difference whether you experience menopause as a gradual process or as a sudden process? And what constitutes one versus the other? Do you think it’s “better” to go through menopause one way or the other? I’ll explain all of these things in this video.

Tutorial 134 of series

What’s So Special About Premature Menopause???

Have you ever heard the term “premature menopause”? Do you know what it means? What’s the age that qualifies for premature menopause? And what’s the consequence of premature menopause? You see? You NEED to know these things! That’s what I’ll cover in this video, so don’t miss it.

Tutorial 135 of series

What Are Fibroids?

You’ve heard of “fibroids,” right? Do you know what they are? Do you know how common they are? Do you know where they are? Do you know why we get them? These are things you need to know. And I’ll teach you all this in a way that you’ll never forget in this video.

Tutorial 136 of series

What is the Effect of Menopause on Fibroids?

Have you ever thought about what happens to fibroids once you become post-menopausal? Do they disappear? Do they shrink? Do they remain the same? Do they grow? And how do you explain what they do? You’ll get logical answers to all these questions simply by watching this video. Your fibroids will thank you.

Tutorial 137 of series

Can You Take HRT if You Have Fibroids?

What do you do if HRT is good for you but bad for your fibroids? Do you just ignore your fibroids? Or do you forfeit the benefits of HRT? What goes in deciding which way to go? Is there a rule on this? Well, I’ll give you all the answers to this Catch 22 situation in this video.

Tutorial 138 of series

What is Endometriosis?

You’ve probably heard the term “Endometriosis.” But, as is all too common, you probably are unsure as to what it really means, or how it develops, or how it progresses. You’re likely to be unsure as to who’s at greatest risk for it. This video will enlighten you in the most unforgettable way.

Tutorial 139 of series

What is the Effect of Menopause on Endometriosis

So, what happens to your endometriosis when you reach post-menopause? Does it disappear? Does it remain the same? Does it get worse? And how can you predict what will happen? In this video, I’ll take you through a logical progression of how menopause affects your endometriosis.

Tutorial 140 of series

Can You Take HRT if You Have Endometriosis

What if you have endometriosis when you consider taking HRT? What if you had endometriosis, but have had a hysterectomy? What if you want a hysterectomy so that you can take HRT? Do you see how every situation is different? This video will address all the nuances of navigating your options for HRT in the face of endometriosis.

Tutorial 141 of series

What Dries Up At Menopause

Be sure to watch the first of my WHAM series of videos this week. What’s WHAM? It’s What Happens At Menopause? I’ll present various themes and tell you how different aspects of menopause fit into that theme. This week, it’s What Dries Up At Menopause?

Tutorial 142 of series

What Shrinks at Menopause

One of the things that happens at menopause is shrinkage! Shrinkage of this and shrinkage of that. Problem is, most women don’t know about the long list of things that shrink at menopause. If you watch my video, you won’t be one of them.

Tutorial 143 of series

What Grows At Menopause

Did you know that all sorts of things grow at menopause? Looking at them collectively can really open your eyes … and help you manage your menopause. But growth can be desirable or undesirable, depending on what’s growing, and where. Watch this video to learn about all the physical and behavioral growth at menopause.

Tutorial 144 of series

What Sags At Menopause

We’ve all noticed that things start sagging at menopause. But what sags, and why? It all actually makes a lot of sense even though we don’t like it. This video on What Sags At Menopause will help you understand what’s going on, and that will help you manage it … your way.

Tutorial 145 of series

What Gets Harder At Menopause

Can you think of all the things that get harder at menopause? Anatomically harder, physically harder, socially harder, emotionally harder. There are all sorts of things that get harder! Tune into this video. It’s the easy way to learn about the hard things.

Tutorial 146 of series

What Appears At Menopause

Menopause is like a magic trick; WHAM! All sorts of new things appear. From your head to your toes, things change in ways that you can’t even imagine. Watch this video to put things into perspective in terms of what appears at menopause.

Tutorial 147 of series

What Disappears At Menopause

Disappearing acts! Menopause is full of them. Disappearance of your periods is just the most obvious. There are a whole bunch of other things that aren’t as obvious … but are much more significant. Watch this video to find out what they are.

Tutorial 148 of series

What Gets Better At Menopause

Women are always whining about all the negative aspects of menopause. But have you ever stopped to think about what gets better at menopause? There are actually quite a few things that get better. And the ways in which they get better are quite wonderful. In this video, I’ll bring them to your attention.

Tutorial 149 of series

What Gets Worse At Menopause

When it comes to the things that get worse at menopause, the worst, by far, is your risks for certain diseases. There are six in particular. Do you know what they are? Do you know their relative risks to one another? This is a video you cannot afford to miss. If you do, a lot of things will definitely get worse at menopause!

Tutorial 150 of series

What Happens Socially At Menopause

Guess what happens socially at menopause? Guess which hormone is responsible? And guess how many people are prepared for it? Don’t let what happens socially at menopause ruin your relationships. Learn why things change and how to preserve your relationships by watching this video.

Tutorial 151 of series

Osteoarthritis Vs. Osteoporosis

Do you know the differences between osteoarthritis and osteoporosis? Are you sure? How about the differences in their symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and management? You see, while you may know some of the differences between them, that may not suffice in terms of menopause. Make it easy on yourself: just watch this video and learn everything you need to know.

Tutorial 152 of series

How Your Pregnancies Affect Your Menopause

Have you ever stopped to think how your pregnancies … or lack thereof might affect your menopause? Did you even know that there was a connection between the two? Well, you might be shocked to discover some of the ways your pregnancies can have a positive or negative effect on your menopause. And this video will inform you.

Tutorial 153 of series

Similarities And Conflicts Between Menopause And Thyroid Disease

What do you know about thyroid disease? What do you know about the similarities between menopause and thyroid disease? Did you have any idea that one affects the other? The overlap between these two things is much greater than you might have ever imagined. So take the time to watch this video and get the scoop.

Tutorial 154 of series

Don’t Be Oblivious to the Obvious Aspects of Menopause

You know how we can sometimes be oblivious to the obvious things? Well, many women are oblivious to the most obvious aspects of menopause. In this video, I’ll present 14 examples of this. Tune in to see if any of them describe ways in which you are oblivious.

Tutorial 155 of series

Fear Is A Difficult Thing To Erase or Reverse

Have you ever thought about the effect that fear has on your decision-making process? Would it shock you to learn that fear produces a state of paralysis? Understanding how fear is induced and how it overshadows your ability to consider things logically can greatly affect your menopause. So, be sure to watch this video and free yourself from the grip of fear.

Tutorial 156 of series

I’ll Believe It When I See It

Have you ever said, “I’ll believe it when I see it”? You probably say it when you don’t believe some statistic that differs from what you’ve witnessed in your own life. Well, that little statement can limit your thinking your options and your life when it comes to menopause. Don’t let that happen to you. You’ll believe it when you see this video.

Tutorial 157 of series

“Cause” Versus “Risk” Versus “Association” Versus “Link”

What’s the difference between the words “cause,” “risk,” “association,” and “link”? If something puts you at greater risk for a disease, does it cause it? What if there’s merely an association between a substance and a disease? Is that the same thing as a link between the two? Confusing, isn’t it! Well, watch this week’s video to clarify these terms and their meanings.

Tutorial 158 of series

Race vs Ethnicity vs Nationality vs Religion

What are the classifications for race? What about ethnicity? Are they the same? If not, how do they differ? And what about nationality? Oh, and let’s not forget religion! All these things may constitute risk factors for various diseases. But you can’t know if you’re at increased risk if you don’t know the differences between these classification schemes. Surprisingly, most people fail to distinguish between race versus ethnicity versus nationality versus religion. I’ll make it all crystal clear in this video.

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The HRT Choosing Process

When I do one-on-one consultations, I often guide women in how to choose their HRT, how to assess whether it’s working for them, and how to change it if it isn’t. That’s what I’ll do for you in this video tutorial. Once you know how to do this, you’ll be able to use the information for the rest of your life.

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We Need More Hype About Heart Attacks Than About Breast Cancer

Red Dress or Pink Ribbon? Which campaign is more familiar to you? If you’re like most women, it’s the Pink Ribbon campaign, by far. And that, my dear, is the problem. Heart attacks are the biggest killer of women, yet there’s more hype about breast cancer. And you mistakenly think of breast cancer as your biggest risk. It’s not. Heart attack is. Watch this video to correctly order your priorities for focusing on your risks for these two diseases.

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What Causes Heart Attacks at Menopause

When you hear the words “heart attack,” what do you envision in terms of your heart itself? Do you know what happens inside to actually cause a heart attack? You should. And I’m going to show you in an easy-to-understand, down-to-earth way. Be sure to watch this video to make sure you’re informed.

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Lipids – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

When it comes to your heart and your risk of heart attack, all fats are not created equal. Some are good and some are bad. And some cause an ugly heart attack. In this video tutorial, I’ll teach you about their differences in a way that you’ll surely understand.

Tutorial 163 of series

The Role of Sugar in Causing Heart Attacks

Do you think of fat as the culprit in causing heart attacks? What if that’s not the whole story? Wouldn’t you want to know the whole truth? It could keep you from having a heart attack. So, watch this video and discover the role that sugar plays in causing heart attacks.

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Symptoms of Heart Attack in WOMEN (versus Men)

Would you know how to recognize a heart attack if you were having one? Are you sure? For most women, the answer is a resounding, “No!” The problem is that they don’t know that they don’t know. And, unfortunately, what they think constitutes the symptoms of a heart attack applies only to men … not women. Every woman should watch this video! It could, quite literally, save your life.

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Heart Attack Research On Men Versus Women

Have you ever thought about how the research on a disease affects what we know about a disease? More specifically, have you ever considered how failing to study one gender might negatively affect what we know about a disease in the other gender? That’s the case with heart attacks. Most of the research has been done on men. But women have high rates of heart attacks. Watch this video to understand the ramifications.

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Your Family and Your Heart

In any conversation about heart attacks, women immediately start talking about their family history of heart attacks. They tell you who had a heart attack, at what age, etc. It gives you the impression that family history is the most important risk for heart attack. But, is it? Well, watch this video and you’ll find out.

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How To Know If You’re At Risk For A Heart Attack

There is a long list of risk factors that determine whether or not you’re at risk for a heart attack. Do you know what they are? Knowing could save your life. So, watch this video carefully and be ready to fill out your worksheet.

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Risk Calculators for Heart Attack

Do you know what a “risk calculator” is? Would you understand its significance if your doctor used one for calculating your risk for a heart attack? And would you know which factors it takes into account? It’s important that you understand what risk factors for a heart attack entail. And that’s what I’ll teach you in this video tutorial.

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Dietary Options for Preventing a Heart Attack – Low Fat

Everybody says that you need a “low fat” diet to prevent a heart attack. But, what does that really mean? And when you hear that, do you know which foods to avoid? If you ask me, it’s too general, and it doesn’t tell you what you need to know in order to succeed. So, watch this video to learn the actual facts and simple acts for success.

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Dietary Options for Preventing a Heart Attack: High Fiber

You hear it all the time: “high fiber.” But, what constitutes “high fiber”? And how do you achieve a high-fiber diet? More importantly, how does it help you prevent a heart attack? I’ll tell you all these things in this video.

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Dietary Options for Preventing a Heart Attack: Low Sugar

When you think of dietary options for preventing a heart attack, do you automatically think about fat? If so, you’re like most people. But the problem is that fat is only part of the problem. The other part is sugar. And it’s a big part. In fact, sugar is as guilty of causing heart attacks as fat. Watch my video to find out why.

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Lifestyle Options for Preventing a Heart Attack

How many lifestyle options can you name that will help you prevent a heart attack? Most women can only name one or two. But there are more than that. Don’t you want to know all of them? There might be one that makes all the difference in your ability to avoid a heart attack. This video will inform and empower you.

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Exercise for Preventing a Heart Attack

When it comes to exercise for preventing a heart attack, do you know which ones qualify? Wouldn’t it be awful to assume you’re doing what it takes only to find out later that it wasn’t adequate? Watch this video to learn which exercise do and do not prevent a heart attack.

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Vitamin, Mineral, and Supplement Options for Preventing a Heart Attack

If you’re trying to reduce your risk for a heart attack, wouldn’t you want to know all the vitamins, minerals, and supplements that can help? And wouldn’t you want to know the necessary dosages for accomplishing your goal? Well, that’s precisely what I’ll teach you in this video.

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Coronary Artery Calcium and Heart Attacks at Menopause

Have you ever heard of “coronary artery calcium”? If you have, what does it mean to you? Do you know how it relates to calcium supplementation? What about its relationship to heart attacks? Well, it’s something you need to know about, so I’ll teach you all about it in this video.

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Herbal Options for Preventing a Heart Attack

Do you know which herbs can help reduce your risk of heart attack? Don’t you think that’s a good thing to know? If your heart is healthy, and you want to keep it that way, watch this video to discover which herbs are pertinent.

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Hormonal Options for Preventing a Heart Attack

Sometimes, there are specific details that determine whether or not a particular option is right for you. And that’s precisely the case when it comes to hormonal options for preventing a heart attack. In this video, I’ll teach you precisely what you need to know about using hormones to avoid a heart attack.

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Research Studies on HRT and Heart Attacks

Does it seem like research studies on HRT and heart attacks provide more questions and confusion than answers and logic? If so, it’s because you don’t get all the various pieces of information you need to make sense of things. In this video, I’ll teach you the basics of research studies take you on a stroll through the history of research studies that have led us to where we are today. You’ll be relieved at how logical it is.

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Why All the Confusion About HRT and Heart Attacks

Are you confused about HRT and heart attacks? Do you feel like you get mixed messages … from the media, your doctor, the HRT package labeling, and your acquaintances? Well, sometimes confusion isn’t confusion. It’s a matter of context. I erase all the confusion in this video

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Heart Attack After Stopping HRT

If taking HRT can prevent a heart attack, what happens when you stop taking HRT? Do you think that protection from a heart attack lasts? Or do you think it disappears? With all the inadequate mantras that doctors use to care for menopausal women, you need to think about this. More than that, you need to watch this video and get the answer.

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Non Hormonal Medication Options for Preventing a Heart Attack

What if your doctor recommends a non-hormonal medication to decrease your risk of a heart attack? Would you know anything about those drugs? Or would you have to consult Dr. Google? I can save you the trouble. Just watch this video and I’ll tell you what you need to know about all your non-hormonal medication options for preventing a heart attack.

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Stroke at Menopause

How much do you know about your risk of stroke at menopause? Do you know what causes strokes? Do you know how to prevent a stroke? Well, all you have to do is watch this video to prevent a stroke of bad luck.

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Blood Clots at Menopause

How much do you know about blood clots at menopause? How much do you know about blood clots in general? Well, menopause is a time when you need to learn about them. So watch this video, and you’ll be all set.

Tutorial 184 of series

High Blood Pressure at Menopause

What do you know about high blood pressure? Did you know how it can affect your menopause? Even if you think you know the basics, this is a time when you need to know so much more than that. Save yourself a lot of unnecessary risks by watching this video.

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Diabetes at Menopause

Have you ever thought about the prevalence or implications of diabetes on your menopause? Did you have nary an idea that they’re related? Well, believe it or not, diabetes is one of the things that can wreak the most havoc on your menopausal future. So, watch this video and learn all about it.

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Happily-Ever-After Menopause

When you think of the “happily-ever-after” events in your life, is menopause among them? If not, why? “Happily-ever-after” doesn’t just happen. You have to create it. In this video, I’ll tell you how.

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Your Greatest Enemies of Menopause

Have you ever thought about all the different forces that impact your menopause in terms of whether they constitute a friend or an enemy? If you do, it’s really eye-opening. Well, all you have to do is open your eyes to watch this video, and I’ll do it for you. And you’ll be most surprised at what constitutes your greatest enemy of all.

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Birth Plan for Menopause

Have you ever heard of a “birth plan”? It’s a document that a pregnant woman creates to dictate the specifics of her labor and delivery. Well, it makes a whole lot more sense to create a “birth plan” for your menopause than it does for your labor and delivery. You just need to know a few basic principles for success. And that’s what I’ll teach you in this video.

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Menopause Is Not A Quick Fix Phenomenon

In our quick-fix, short-cut, sound-bite world, you might try to manage your menopause in one of these default manners. Ah, but you’ll be disappointed and dissatisfied if you do. Some things just don’t lend themselves to such methods. Watch this video to understand why menopause is one of those things.

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The Smorgasbord of Options for Menopause

Have you ever stopped to think about all the different categories of options that exist for managing your menopause? It consists of multiple options in each and every category. And that adds up to a huge smorgasbord of options. Watch this video to see just how vast it is.

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Pharmaceutical Drugs versus Dietary Supplements

Do you really understand the differences between pharmaceutical drugs and dietary supplements? I find that most women don’t … even when they think they do. There are differences at so many more levels than you might imagine. And, if you ever want or need to use either, you really need to know all the differences. Well, all you have to do is watch this video, and you’ll be all set.

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Bioidentical, Compounded, Custom, and Pharmaceutical Hormones

What does the word, “bioidentical” mean to you? What if it’s combined with the word, “compounded,” or “custom”? Or what if it’s combined with the word, “pharmaceutical”? There is just so much confusion over these terms. And this video will make all these terms crystal clear.

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The Role YOU Play in the Status of Menopause in the World Today

Have you ever thought in terms of YOUR role in the status of menopause in the world today? Did you even realize that you have a role? The simple fact is that, as a woman, you definitely have a role. And the more significant fact is that, as a menopausal woman, your role is more important than the roles of any non-menopausal members of society. Watch this video to understand the part you play.

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14 Red Flags of Menopause Mismanagement

Did you know that there are “red flags” that tell you that you will not get what you need from some of the professionals that are available for helping you with your menopause? Do you know what those red flags are? If you do, it will save you loads of frustration and misery. In this video, I’ll tell you about them.

Tutorial 195 of series


Do you know what it is to turn your negatives into positives? It’s when you embrace an undesirable event and use it to do something powerful. It’s what I’ve done with my crossed eyes and arthritis, and it’s what I’m teaching you to do with your menopause. I call it “menopower.” Watch this video and find your menopower.

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Definition of Osteoporosis

We’ve all heard the word, “osteoporosis.” But do you really know and understand what it means? Even dictionaries define it incorrectly. In this video, I’ll make sure you know what it is and never forget it.

Tutorial 197 of series

Your Bones From Puberty to Menopause

Have you ever stopped to think about the effects of puberty and menopause on your bones? Do you ever think of your bones at all when addressing puberty or menopause? Well, believe me, they’re connected! And this video will teach you just how directly and inextricable that connection is.

Tutorial 198 of series

How Common is Osteoporosis?

No doubt you’ve heard the word “osteoporosis.” And, you might even know what it means. But, do you know how common it is? Do you know how many women have it, how many have fractures because of it, or how its numbers compare to other diseases? Well, I’ll tell you all these things in this video tutorial.

Tutorial 199 of series

Bone Structure and Bone Fracture

Good bone structure isn’t just about having a pretty face. It’s the difference between bones that are prone to fracture as a result of osteoporosis and bones that aren’t. In this video tutorial, I’ll teach you what you need to know about bone structure and bone fracture.

Tutorial 200 of series

Rate of Bone Loss at Menopause

You may know that you lose bone at menopause. But, do you know how rapidly you lose bone at menopause? Do you think you lose a lot at first or just a little at first? Do you think you lose bone forever or for just a while? Knowing the facts on this can be the difference between avoiding or sustaining a fracture from bone loss. So watch this video to get the facts.

Tutorial 201 of series

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Can you describe the symptoms of osteoporosis? And can you decipher which ones are early versus late? If you can’t, how in the world are you going to know if you’re losing bone? Knowing how osteoporosis presents itself is critical to your ability to prevent a fracture from it. So, don’t miss this video.

Tutorial 202 of series

Prognosis of Fractures from Osteoporosis

Do you know what the long-term consequence, or “prognosis,” is for a fracture that is due to osteoporosis? It’s not like a fracture of normal bone, that’s for sure. Knowing the consequences can empower you with an understanding of how important it is to avoid such a fracture. And that’s what I’ll teach you in this video tutorial.

Tutorial 203 of series

How To Know If You’re At Risk For Osteoporosis

If you had to list the things that increase your risk for osteoporosis, could you do it? How many items would constitute your list? You see, if you don’t know the list of things that increase your risk, how in the world are you going to decrease your risk? In this video, I’ll present the whole list.

Tutorial 204 of series

Bone Density Tests for Osteoporosis

What do you know about the different devices for testing your bone density? Anything? Do you know how many different machines there are or how they differ in their ability to diagnose or monitor osteoporosis? Would you know which one to choose if give a choice? Well, it’s critical for you to know which one is best. And that’s what I’ll tell you in this video.

Tutorial 205 of series

Guidelines for Bone Density Testing

Are you familiar with “guidelines” in general? How about the guidelines for bone density testing, in particular? Now that’s a set of guidelines that you really need to know and understand! They are not what you would expect. And, if you were to follow them, you would need to expect a fracture from osteoporosis. Don’t miss this video!

Tutorial 206 of series

How to Interpret Your Bone Density Test Results

If you got a bone density test, would you understand the implications of the results? What if you couldn’t rely on what your doctor’s office tells you? Unfortunately, that’s precisely why you need to know how to interpret the results, yourself. Watch this video and you’ll be all set.

Tutorial 207 of series

Monitors for Bone Loss

Given the fact that your bones are always “turning over,” replacing old bone with new bone, you might wonder if there are substances you can monitor in your blood or urine to indicate bone loss. That’s what I’ll address in this video. Be sure to watch it.

Tutorial 208 of series

Osteoporosis Risk Assessment Tools

Have you ever heard of an “osteoporosis risk assessment tool”? What do you suppose it can do for you? Despite the nifty name, it’s critical that you know both the purpose and the limitations of these tools. So, watch this video to get informed.

Tutorial 209 of series

Premature Menopause and Osteoporosis

Have you any idea how truly profound premature menopause is on your risk for osteoporosis? The impact is fast, furious, and so unfortunate. Watch this video to understand what you need to know about early estrogen loss causing early bone loss.

Tutorial 210 of series

Why Are So Many Women Unaware That They Have Osteoporosis?

Wouldn’t you like to know why so many women are unaware that they have osteoporosis? Would it surprise you to discover that there are actually 16 different reasons? Watch this video to find out what they are.

Tutorial 211 of series

Lifestyle Options for Preventing Osteoporosis and Fractures

Did you know there are lifestyle measures that you can use to decrease your risk of osteoporosis and fractures? Do you know what they are? This video will present them so that you don’t present to your doctor with osteoporosis or a fracture.

Tutorial 212 of series

Exercise for Preventing Osteoporosis and Falls

One of the most important management options for preventing osteoporosis and falls is exercise. But, only certain kinds of exercise suffice. In this video, I’ll explain all the necessary qualifications and show you some examples of the most important things you can do to break a fall so that you don’t fall and break!

Tutorial 213 of series

Get on the Ball for Exercise During Menopause

Why don’t you “get on the ball” to exercise? I don’t mean, “get on the ball” in the sense of get going. I mean, “get on the ball” … that big round thing … the ball! It’s a great and fun way to make your exercise more interesting and to add balance to your regular workout. And, as a menopausal woman, it’s a perfect way to avoid injury. Join me in this video, while I show you all sorts of interesting and challenging things you can do when you get on the ball.

Tutorial 214 of series

Balancing Exercises With Weights for Menopause

Do you hate lifting weights? Isn’t it boring? And do you rush through it just to get it over with? Well, goodbye boredom and rushing. Join me to learn a new, fun, slow way to lift your weights and work on your balance at the same time. Hey, it’s all about balance, isn’t it?

Tutorial 215 of series

Balancing Exercises With Bands for Menopause

What if you want to do resistance exercise, but don’t like the idea of using heavy weights to do it? Well, here’s another option: You can use elastic bands. And not only that; you can add balance to your resistance.

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Dietary Options for Preventing Osteoporosis

If you had to list foods that can decrease your risk of osteoporosis, what would you put on the list? What about foods that increase your risk of osteoporosis? I’ll make it easy for you. Just watch this video, and I’ll do it for you.

Tutorial 217 of series

Vitamin and Mineral Options for Preventing Osteoporosis

When you think of the vitamins & minerals that can help prevent osteoporosis, which ones come to mind? Can you name any other than calcium and magnesium? Most people are at a loss beyond those two. In this video, I’ll present all the ones you probably never associated with your bone health.

Tutorial 218 of series

Calcium For Preventing Osteoporosis

There is so much talk about calcium … but so little real knowledge about calcium. In this video, I’ll teach you what you need to know, and even provide you with a cheat sheet for getting the calcium supplement that’s best for YOU. Knowing the facts about calcium can make or break your bone!

Tutorial 219 of series

Vitamin D for Preventing Osteoporosis

There’s so much talk about the importance of calcium for preventing osteoporosis and so little talk about Vitamin D. Of the two, Vitamin D is much more important. And knowing the proper dosing and kinds of Vitamin D is critical to your success. In this video, you’ll learn it all.

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