On Demand Webinars

Finally, the seminar on demand!


Webinars enable you to “attend” the seminar, but at your convenience.
If you watch them in order, you’ll gain all the benefits of a live seminar without having to leave home.

I’ll give you a chapter-by-chapter education that teaches you
everything you need to know to manage your menopause your way.


Chapter 1 – Introduction to Menopause


Chapter 2 – Orientation & Anatomy


Chapter 3 – Terminology: The Language of Menopause


Chapter 4 – Diagnosis of Menopause


Chapter 5 – The Balancing Act


Chapter 6 – Options: Medical, Non-medical & Everything in Between


Chapter 7 – Categories of Hormones & Their Sources


Chapter 8 – Signs and Symptoms of Menopause