Puberty in Reverse


Wasn’t it just wonderful? There were so many changes occurring all at the same time.

Remember your first period? Did you think, “Oh God! Am I going to have to put up with this mess for the rest of my life?” Wasn’t it inconvenient to have to have pads or tampons on hand all the time? And didn’t your periods interfere with your fun at times?

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Male Menopause

Women (and men) sometimes ask me if there’s a male menopause.

The answer is, “Yes.” But it goes by a different name. And it manifests in completely different ways than does female menopause.

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Here Today, Here Tomorrow … and for the Rest of Your Life

Here today, gone tomorrow. It’s an expression that applies to many things.

Fashion trends are definitely here today and gone tomorrow. So are fads, like big hair, piercing, and favorite songs. Even figures of speech come and go. When was the last time you heard someone say, “Groovy!” What about, “Well, I never!” (I always picture an older, refined woman saying that one.)

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The Male Perspective of Female Menopause

I think it’s beneficial to “get out of our own heads” once in a while and see the world through different eyes. So let’s shift our perspective to look at menopause through the eyes of a man.

You see, sometimes we get so caught up in how we’re feeling that we fail to consider what someone else is seeing. So, let me shed light on your menopause from your man’s perspective. 

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How to Tell Your Kids About Menopause

Parents often find talking to their kids about puberty a bit awkward or difficult. Likewise, talking to them about menopause can be even more off-putting. But, face it: Most parents want to “have a little talk” before the onset of puberty so that their child knows what’s happening when puberty begins. And wouldn’t it be nice if your kids knew what was happening to you when menopause began?

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Why The Weight Gain While We’re Waiting To Gain A Grip On Menopause?

Do you ever feel like things get out of hand before you have a chance to even get a grip what’s going on? I guess this happens with many things in life. You get married before you realize he’s not the right guy for you. You have children before you fully comprehend how difficult it is to raise them. You get a tattoo on your abdomen before you consider the effect that stretch marks will have on how it will look years later.

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Progesterone, the Super-Powered Super Hero

Have you ever noticed how many storybook and movie characters have super powers? I mean it’s like there’s a super power for everyone. There are so many super powers that we now have super heroes. Spiderman can scale buildings; Superman can fly faster than a speeding bullet; The Fairy Godmother can grant wishes; The Wicked Witch of the West can “get you, my pretty Dorothy … and Toto, too.”

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Which Bone-Sparing Substance Wins The Wishbone Contest: Estrogen or Calcium?

What comes to mind when someone mentions the need to prevent osteoporosis? I’ll bet the first thing you think about is calcium. And why is that? I know; it’s because you see commercials and advertisements everywhere about the osteoporosis-preventing effects of calcium. It’s what all your girlfriends talk about. Continue reading “Which Bone-Sparing Substance Wins The Wishbone Contest: Estrogen or Calcium?”

“Natural” versus “Synthetic” Management Options for Menopause

Have you ever noticed how people talk about “natural” things? There’s usually an air of superiority associated with that term. It’s as if “natural” things are better than the alternative. And what is the alternative to “natural” anyway? Is everything that’s not natural “unnatural” or “artificial” or “synthetic” or “faux”?

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